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How And What To Eat Too Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

Whether your trying to bulk up or lose a few we need to abandon the concept of calorie restricting diets or 3 big meals a day.

Contrary to popular belief, the best possible way to lose fat or gain muscle  is to eat 6 -7 meals each spaced about 2-3 hours apart.

Food is fuel for the body and without a steady supply of nutrients your body will retain fat and fail to produce new muscle. Now I realize that many people would say 6 meals is absolutely absurd so the thing I want to stress is they don’t have to be sit down meals at all. For example, take a grilled chicken breast sl with a baked potato on the side and you have an excellent small meal with a good protein-carbohydrate ratio. Another great substitute would be a meal replacement of whey protein powder if you dont have the time to make food.

Let me take you through the list of benefits of having 6 meals a day as opposed to 3.

Boost in Metabolism– 6 meals a day has actually been proven to increase metabolism for several reasons. The main factor is the thermic effect of food which is the calories it takes your body to break down and absorb the food. Foods have a thermic effect range from 3-30% and foods like protein are way up in that 30 percentile followed by carbohydrates in the 20% range. Burning calories just by eating more frequently? Sounds like a great deal to me!

Increase in Energy– Eating 6 meals a day helps maintain a balanced blood sugar levels in the body which prevents hunger attacks and will give you an incredible surge of energy while going through the long work day.

Lean Muscle Gains– Lastly and most important, 6 meals a day will drastically help you build and maintain muscle. The greater number of meals gives the muscles a constant supply of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

Putting it all together- The key is to prepare as much as possible the night before. Do all the cooking and preparation before hand so you can incorporate 6 meals in your busy work schedule.

What about counting calories?

Forget about counting calories!!! That shit is to difficult and unsustainable for the average person! I suggest that you go by portion size. we will say that “portion” is the size of your hand or fist. When you see “protein, carb, vegetable  or fruit” it means to eat A LEAST one portion of each. But the beauty of this program, is that even if your trying to lose fat, you can EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! You should NEVER be hungry like some bullshit TV infomercial diet.
Sample Meal Plan For Someone Trying To Gain Muscle

7:00 a.m. Protein, Carb, or Fruit
9:30 a.m Protein, Carb or Fruit
12:30 am Protein, Carb or Fruit
2:30 p.m. Protein, Carb or Fruit
5:30 p.m. Protein, Carb or Fruit
7:00 p.m. Protein, Vegetables

Sample Meal Plan For Someone Trying To lose Fat

(if your trying to lose fat, you should take out the carbs 100% and only eat Protein, Vegetables, and fruits. the great thing about this is that YOU CAN EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT AND STILL LOSE FAT!!!!!)

7:00 a.m. Protein, Vegetables or Fruit
9:30 a.m Protein, Vegetables or Fruit
12:30 am Protein, Vegetables or Fruit
2:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables or Fruit
5:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables or Fruit
7:00 p.m. Protein, Vegetables or Fruit

Sample Meal Plan For Someone Trying To Gain Muscle AND lose Fat at the same time.

7:00 a.m. Protein, Carb, or Fruit
9:30 a.m Protein, Carb or Fruit
12:30 am Protein, Carb or Fruit
2:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables
5:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables
7:00 p.m. Protein, Vegetables

This works great, because you get to to burn off most of the cars during the day!

Food Choices

Lean Steak
Lean Ham
Whole Eggs

Brown Rice
Wild Rice
Wheat Pasta
Sweet Potatoes

Snow Peas
String Beans

Any fruit that is not canned is good

Above all…. DRINK A LOT OF WATER EVERY DAY! Nothing is more important than that!

HERE is an example of how I eat every day

Combine 6 meals a day with the proper  training program and you will be well on your way to success!

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93 thoughts on “How And What To Eat Too Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

      • You’re fucking kidding with me!? i tough if i skip carbs i would loose muscles all the time…. Well thanks alot. How many times a week should i do cardio? I’ve begun to do HIIT sprint 2 times per week, for maximum weight loss,

      • Do I have to Eat protein+ carbs or vegetables every hour or it is Proteins or carbs or vegetables every 2 hours ?

  1. Thanks alot brandon. You can’t imagine how much you learned me from watching your videos on youtube, and your pdf files, about training, I’ve taked my training to the next level!!. My friend also notice i’ve become much bigger and leaner, “damn so big shoulders etc”.. Have a nice day bro!

  2. Can you name the studies that prove 6-7 small meals a day increases metabolism? I know of none. Losing weight is all about calories and gaining muscle is all about your workouts. You are right about not counting calories and the portion size though.

    • Hey Robert, Here is one of the studies

      and here is another

      But here is the thing Robert, we can both go on Google and find studies that say almost anything we want, But i have seen 6 meals a day change people’s whole life! Not just physicaly, but it changes there energy levels, moods, and productivity. I urge you to try it for a week or two before you dismiss it.

      As far as “building muscle is all about your workouts”… thats is just not true Robert. Diet accounts for at least 70% of your results. This explains why you see people in the gym all the time but there bodies never change. Eating 5-6 or even 7 meals a day will also help you gain muscle because the nutrients will get absorbed by your body better when they are split up over time.

      also, the human body goes into a state called “Catabolism” after 3 hours with out getting food. When this happens, your body starts to store and brake down muscle tissue to use as energy! they lose of muscle cause your over all metabolism to drop, and any if your trying to build muscle Catabolism is the worst thing that can happen to you.

      This info is everywere, I thought that a the comments whould be “damn Brandon, we all ready know this shit” lol.

      I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years and I have a degree in kinesiology, but I don’t want you to take my word for it Robert. I want you to try it out for a wile and get back to. PLEASE don’t respond with link to articals that dismiss what I have said here. I want you to try it and then tell me how it worked for you. I am 1000% sure that you will be happy with the results homie!

      Good luck, thanks for the comment!

      • I know for a fact that 6 meals a day changes people’s lives and increase energy levels. I’ve been on this plan for a month now. Before, I would give my girl about 30 minutes in the sack. Now we’re going for an hour plus everytime. Hahahahaha

        But aside from that, I haven’t incorporated the HIIT as much as I’m supposed to be because those leg exercises be having me fucked up for a while. So I’m probably getting about 2 days a week in.

        Speaking of HIIT, could you record some videos of you doing HIIT without a treadmill? So far, I just do the 30/30 running on the treadmill that you recommended in your full plan. But since I don’t have a treadmill at home and I want to start doing HIIT at home, I want to see what are my options. I’m getting about tired of going to the local rec center just to do my HIIT, LOL.

      • “Given that 30 grams of whey protein was absorbed within 3-4 hours, I guess some people believed that meant 30 grams of protein can only be used in one sitting. Or that you had to eat every 3-4 hours to stay “anabolic.” Unfortunately, people missed a few facts that made these findings irrelevant to real-world scenarios. First of all, this study looked at the absorption rate of whey protein in the fasted state. On it’s own, and with no meals eaten beforehand, 30 grams of whey protein is absorbed within a mere 3-4 hours. With meals eaten earlier in the day, or if you’d consume a whey shake after a meal, absorption would be much slower.

        Second of all, whey protein is the fastest protein of all and digests at 10 g/hour. Casein is much slower; in Boirie’s study, the casein protein was still being absorbed when they stopped the experiment 7 hours later. Most whole food proteins are absorbed at a rate of 3-6 grams an hour. Add other macronutrients to that and they’ll take longer.” M.B.-Leangains

      • “Few studies has examined the effects of regular fasting on muscle retention and compared it to a control diet. None of them are relevant to how most people fast and some are marred by flaws in study design and methodology. Like this study which showed increased muscle gain and fat loss, with no weight training or change in calorie intake, just by changing meal frequency. While I would love to cite that study as proof for the benefits of intermittent fasting, body composition was measured by BIA, which is notoriously imprecise.

        Only in prolonged fasting does protein catabolism become an issue. This happens when stored liver glycogen becomes depleted. In order to maintain blood glucose, conversion of amino acids into glucose must occur (DNG: de novo glucogenesis). This happens gradually and if amino acids are not available from food, protein must be taken from bodily stores such as muscle. Cahill looked at the contribution of amino acids to DNG after a 100 gram glucose load. He found that amino acids from muscle contributed 50% to glucose maintenance after 16 hours and almost 100% after 28 hours (when stored liver glycogen was fully depleted). Obviously, for someone who eats a high protein meal before fasting, this is a moot point as you will have plenty of aminos available from food during the fast.”- M.B. leangains

    • Hey Matt,

      your CAN do Hiit the same day as my weightlifting, but It would be better to do it on different days… unless you do HIIT in the morning and lift in the after noon.

      If your MUST do them in the same session, ALWAYS do cardio AFTER you lift!

      Good Question Matt!

  3. Hey Brandon, you have changed my Life style completely and made me to loose 20kgs with the HIIT cardio advice you gave on you tube …
    that was almost like impossible for me .. 🙂

    i am a vegetarian , so taking whey for protein, could you guide me some natural protein sources which i can add in my daily diet …

    thank you dude for all ur videos and tips 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Krishna! I am glad that I could help!!! Congrats on you results!!!!

      Being a vegetarian is hard when it comes to getting proper amounts of protein. I don’t know if you eat dairy or not, but if you do, Cheese and Milk are great sources of protein! also Nuts, Beans, and best of all (if you eat it) fish!

      • Brandon
        thank you for the reply , yes i can have them except fish but i am taking cod liver oil for omega 3 ,

        This one thing i am very confused is Cardio , I used 2 have a belly now i have Flat stomach after i followed your HIIT cardio , but the prob is it also takes some muscle i built , I heard 30- 45 mins low intensity cardio burns only Fat and not muscle .. but i dont have time for It .. can you please advice me on this

  4. Hey Brandon,

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but I don’t think that cutting out carbs completely is good idea even if you’re trying to LOSE FAT…I think there is a pretty good chance to lose muscle mass this way…Even “fat people” need fuel for their cells if they working out, don’t they ?? Your body may be burning fat, but can’t use it as a source of energy…Or am I wrong???

    • Hey Kristian

      The fruits have some carbs in them and they are a part of the diet i suggested. You will only lose muscle mass on this diet if you dont get enough calories from the fruit, veggies, and protein (…I will admit the it is really easy to not get enough calories from those food sources). The Key is to eat A LOT of fruit, veggies, and protein (see why your need 6-7 meals a day per day?) then you will not lose muscle mass and you will get enough calories to fuel your workouts

      … you will also feel better! You know that sleepy feeling you get after eatting a big meal? you NEVER get that on the fruit, veggies, and protein diet! plus getting all the vitamins from the fruit the veggies it makes your skin look better too! Everybody I know that has tried that diet says that there break out completely stop!

  5. Thanks sir. What if you want to lose fat AND gain muscles,? How do you prepare the meal with regard to protein, veg, fruit and protein, Carb, fruit?

    • Great question Ahmed!!!!! I should have mentioned this!!!! I am going to update this post now!

      Sample Meal Plan For Someone Trying To Gain Muscle AND lose Fat at the same time.

      7:00 a.m. Protein, Carb, or Fruit
      9:30 a.m Protein, Carb or Fruit
      12:30 am Protein, Carb or Fruit
      2:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables
      5:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables
      7:00 p.m. Protein, Vegetables

      This works great, because you get to to burn off most of the cars during the day!

      • Hi Brandon,

        I’ve a question about your topic : Sample Meal Plan For Someone Trying To Gain Muscle AND lose Fat at the same time.
        7:00 a.m. Protein, Carb, or Fruit
        9:30 a.m Protein, Carb or Fruit
        12:30 am Protein, Carb or Fruit
        2:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables
        5:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables
        7:00 p.m. Protein, Vegetables

        Do I need to eat those foods ever day or 3 days a week is enough ?

  6. THANK U for the food choices, and the eating plan for losing weight.
    This is what I needed to jump start my eating habits. Brandon THANK U FOR ALL THE GREAT INFORMATION AND VIDEO.

  7. Just wanna say thanks,, you’ve really helped alot!! Unlike many other websites your info is to-the-point and tons helpful. Seriously thanks for the time and effort. You’ve changed lives. I have been struggling for years with nutrition and its hard to find something that works. Your routine is going great. Thanks !!!!

  8. Hey brandon, your a great example to me and everyone trying to stay fit. One question though. If your eliminating carbs 100 percent to lose wight why not eliminate fruits cause they have carbs

    • Good Question Gabriel!!! people start to go “bat-shit” crazy on low carb diets. They get week and moody and eventually quit and eat a full Pizza or a candy bar. I have found that eating fruits help with enerygy levels, hunger, and mood! Plus, fruits are REALLY good for you!!!

      • Thanks brandon for your great answer. I agree with you that fruits have good carbs and prevent you from eating junk. Right now I’m overweight but with your diet plan I know ill lose tons of wieght. Ill send you my before and after pic when I reach my goal.

  9. Wassup brandon, If i want to gain muscle and lose fat do I need protein and carbs?, or can I gain muscle and lose fat just by eating loads of protein?

    and what do you mean by ‘eat as much as you want’ if I cut out carbs?, does that mean eat as much protein and fat?

    please get back peacee!

  10. Brandon, you’re the fucking man. Although I don’t follow your routine in the gym, the knowledge and insight that you give out to everyone, FOR FREE, is a really genuine thing to do. I really appreciate it, and keep up the good work dude!

  11. Fantastic information Brandon…. I have follow your advice as far as exercise and been getting great results. I went from 280 to 225. But recently put back on 15 and now 240…. It was because I wasn’t eating enough meals a day, and the wrong chemistry of foods, namely rice and pasta. Now I eat salads with baked chicken, or fish, apples, oranges and mixed veg…. Coffee. And tons of water, and along with 1 hr of cardio, I’m back to being in control of whatever weight I wanna be. Thanks for your mentorship!!

  12. Hey homie,

    Thanks for that post, really appreciate your work! Props to your music too, aint the fake shit rappers rap about now.

    Look forward to seeing more!


  13. Hey I’m in decent shape right now but lately I’ve lacked going to the gym because of my crazy work schedule . Im looking to shed a few pounds of fat and look lean. Lately I’ve gone on a pretty good diet and have been doing good . Is their any supplements u take besides tea rxx. And what kind of whey protein should I be taking. After this month I will be on a normal work schedule and can really hit the gym. Is it possible if I follow a good diet and do a little home excersicing

  14. Hey I’m in decent shape right now but lately I’ve lacked going to the gym because of my crazy work schedule . Im looking to shed a few pounds of fat and look lean. Lately I’ve gone on a pretty good diet and have been doing good . Is their any supplements u take besides tea rxx. And what kind of whey protein should I be taking. After this month I will be on a normal work schedule and can really hit the gym. Is it possible if I follow a good diet and do a little home excersicing I can see a very visible result in my body?

  15. Hi I’m just wondering what I’m doing is right? I exercise six days per week, and on these six days I would follow what u said, I eat smaller meals throughout the day, I don’t reay care what I eat but I just eat a liitle to stop hunger that’s all, I might even eat one price of pizza every two hours!! But on my “free day” it’s the day that I don’t exercise and I eat like hell an I drink alcohol, basically eat and drink any unhealthy stuff! Is it ok if I do that?

  16. Peace Brandon, thx for your series. How do I maintain that ‘pump’ look I get during my workout all the time? I know it’s a bloodrush thing, but can u keep a ‘full muscle’ look somehow when your not working out? Is that just losing as much body fat as possible to get the muscles to pop out more? Also what’s the role of alcohol (say a few drinks once a week only once a week..sat night, for ex) in workout goals? Thank u man!

  17. Great Post Homie !!! man i started working out because of you i’m 15 but i’ve gained decent muscle size but i think your program would be excellent on teaching me about nutrition and they workout seems amazing too.

  18. Hey Brandon! Thanks for the food tips, I just have a small question….when u say I can eat as much as I want u mean every meal I can eat until I’m full with only protein and fruits right? So every meal I can have one whole can of tuna and keep eating strawberries until I’m full, and that’s one meal…..and I can do this 6-7 times a day?

  19. Hey Brandon,

    I have been working out for about 2 years now, and i am getting bigger and leaner.. Most of the things you say are common knowledge to me, but reading it gives me another boost to keep focus and keep eating properly.
    I have a question though, i workout 4times a week at the moment, monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. I eat alot of baked chicken, vegetables and rice, and am currently on a supplement stack (amino, unleash v3) BUT i just don’t like the rate that i am gaining muscle.

    I only workout in the evening, because i am at work 8am – 7pm. Do you have any suggestions that help me reach my goal faster?


  20. I’m trying to lose 50lbs of body fat to play football/soccer professionally, so for now I will follow the Lose fat and gain muscle diet, so no carbs after 12 but when I reach my target weight which is 154lbs will be ok to do the full carb and protein diet as I will be doing intense cardio at least 5 times a week. I’m aiming to get down to 154 by April 15th

  21. Great post Brandon,

    I used to eat 6 meals a day and had a calendar for what to eat and when(I have to schedule it to do it lol). I did the same for workouts and I did very well, However I recently changed my diet to eat only fish and no other meat. Can I still gain muscle (hard gainer) without the beef,pork, chicken etc. Also I will do a protein shake but only in moderation as it puts on too much weight for my body type way too fast and makes me extremely gassy. One more thing I’ve noticed since I cut out the above meats I can eat a whole village and won’t gain a pound and I’m always hungry. Do you have any suggestions?

  22. This. Easy and simple to follow! Thanks B. One question – trying to build muscle/cut fat… (but probably applicable to all scenarios) does the time of my workouts effect what I eat? For example I mostly workout after work, wouldn’t I need carbs with my protein to slow protein release???

  23. So every 2-3 hours can I just have some fruit like an apple or orange or do I need to have protein and stuff because other than fruit I don’t really know what to eat every couple of hours

  24. Dude you are in the stone ages in bodybuilding science. Catabolism does not occur 3 hours after not eating….that is ridiculous. The body uses for energy first carbs, then fat and finally if nothing is left muscle. This does not occur within 3 hours of not eating. I have been on the 6 meals a day plan. I did feel good and lost weight and gained muscle. But it wasn’t because I was eating 6 times a day. I lost weight because I was taking in less calories than I used and I gain muscle because I was doing resistance training.

  25. thx a lot for the information, lost 50+lbs overall still trying to bulk and lose fat, is easy as long as you get the eating part controlled 🙂 I need to start doing cardio now, which is hard to fit into my lifestyle, dog, kid, work, wife, grandmother (dimensia), I was also thinking that i need to just try and motivate myself to MAKE the time to exercise….

  26. Hiya

    I’m nearly 17 and I really want to get a six pack I’m not fat my waist is 34 inch and my left arm is 10.5 and my right arm is 10 this is in inch’s my dad is a fitness instructor but its hard working with a family member so i want to start working out, I’ve worked out before but i stopped because i had college and work, I was just asking what food to eat and how to work out i really want a diet plan if possible I’m not planning to look like a body builder my plan is to look toned like you cheers please reply, Reece 🙂

  27. Hey Brandon,

    I just want to personally thank you for all your help. You’re doing a good thing here by educating people about how to get and stay fit.

    In late 2010, I weighed 281 pounds, and looked horrible (makes for a really nice before picture!). As of right now, even just doing exercises like this off and on and failing to maintain the diet 100% of the time, I’ve STILL dropped to 268 over the course of about a year and definitely added lean muscle mass by following your advice. Basically, I’m not fit YET, but I’m on my way to it, and it’s pretty much all thanks to you.

    So, again, thanks for everything brother. I really appreciate it. Keep up the awesome work!


  28. Sup Brandon , i only got one question i got my nutrition right ,i dont like alcohol to much but then i smoke alot of weed is that bad for my fat lose ?

    Much love , true fan music and fitnes wise

  29. hello brandon…i am sandeep..i weigh about 90 kgs and really want to loose weight..can u plz plz tel me a suitable workout,exercise and eating plan…it will be really very nice of u…

  30. hey brandon i have a question, i have been following you and your videos, by the way everithing is great and also your covers are good too, but i stop loosing weight and loosing fat, what can i do for burn all the fat of my stomach . im 18 years 1.75cm and 82 kilos
    i want to burn fat and gain muscle thank you for all and i hope your answer

    greetings from mexico

  31. hey man, im trying to build muscle and bulk up fast. do i HAVE to follow that sample meal planning u said to build muscle. Usually i dont any junk food, all my meals have proteins/carbs/veggies/dairy in them, is that good or shud i follow a specific plan like yours

  32. one more question, i downloaded ur nutrtion fitness manual and it said, u SHOULD NOT cut out all carbs if ur trying to lose fat b/c u will have no energy at all. Why is it that in this post, u tell us to cut out carbs 100%. also is the atkins plan effective b/c it kinda makes sense, that if u cut out carbs, ur body will be forced to tap into ur fat stores. Idk, please get back to me soon

  33. hi Brandon, im thinking about following ur chest and abs workout plus the meal plan. and i have a question,.
    When u say:
    7:00 a.m. Protein, Carb, or Fruit
    9:30 a.m Protein, Carb or Fruit
    12:30 am Protein, Carb or Fruit
    2:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables
    5:30 p.m. Protein, Vegetables
    7:00 p.m. Protein, Vegetables

    it means for example 7pm i need only to eat protein or vegetables ? or u mean protein + vegetables?

    and at 7am u mean protein + (carb or fruit) or, i can only eat one of those, i didnt get it .

    best regards,

  34. heey man thanks for everything you have changed my life in every possible way:)….thank you very very much… you and 2pac are my role models 😀

  35. Hey Brandon.
    Just wanted to hear what you think of cross fit?
    And if it is a good way of training,how many times a week should you do it?
    – Christian

  36. Man, your Ab workout is great! I’ve done it the last few days and feel great! Your eating plan has helped me to. Thank you!

  37. Hey Brandon,
    I just wanted to ask you if it matters if I take the carbs I need in the evening or the (late) afternoon instead of in the morning. As I still go to school it’s harder for me to get real “meals” at school as I live in Holland and we don’t have like meal times as they do in America during the breaks. It’s a lot easier for me to take the fruit at the times I’m supposed to take the carbs, so can I just switch those 2 and in the first (morning) hours that I take my veggies and later on in the day when I get home that I take my carbs then?



  39. Brandon, you mentioned you wake up at 5:30 am every day and go sleep around 11 pm – 12 am normally. I was wondering how that works out as far as getting your 7-9 hours of sleep everyday?

  40. Hey Brandon!! I wanted to ask you…
    Do you workout between each meal everyday?

    I’m a beginner and I want to get big and strong, because I’m kind of tired to be a skinny motherfucker!!! I been working out between 45 minutes and an hour a day since almost 3 months ago, I been watching your videos and doing all your workout routines, and I don’t see any results, I want to know if I need to workout more!!! Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong? (I’m mexican, and I’m not sure if my English is good) anyway…

    I would really appreciate if you answer me, Thank you Brandon!!! Have a nice day!!

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