5 Proven Methods for Gaining Self Discipline

5 Proven Methods for Gaining Self Discipline

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”
Jim Rohn.

Let’s start with a statistic – 67% of Americans who have gym membership never even use them, that’s 2 out of 3 people. Now an average gym membership costs about $58 according to the 2014 statistics and that means Americans are spending more than 6.7 billion dollars every year. 6.7 Billion dollars (for those who are too busy counting the zeros) is more than what 38 countries make a year-and we are spending it just to sit on the fucking couch. Now I’m no expert on the fine arts of couch sitting, but from my experience, I’m pretty sure that you can do that shit for free.

Now why does this happen? I’ve already talked about seeing a lot of new faces in the gym during the beginning of the year-turns out that is true. It is estimated that gyms get between 30-50% in members in the first week of January and the second week is the busiest week of the year. It’s the time of the year when people go- “My New Year’s resolution is that I’ll finally work out regularly this year.” Notice that word “finally?” They always say finally because it’s the same fucking resolution they made the previous year and the year before.

Now these guys go to the gym for the first 2 weeks and about 80% will drop off at the end of week 2. There was an actual scientific study carried out about this at Berkley and their conclusion is that it’s not because they’re lazy; it’s because of what they call “hyperbolic discounting”- which basically states that people will pick the option which comes faster. Most people think that results from working out are like cheeseburgers from McDonalds where they’ll go “yeah, I’ll have a body like that” and expect to get it less than 5 minutes. So when the kid behind the counter goes “Yeah, for that you’ll have to work really hard for that and it’ll take 4-6 months” most people freak out and don’t come back. After all, you won’t wait more than an hour for a cheeseburger, will you?

But you are not like those people, are you? No, you understand quite clearly that it takes hard work to get that perfect body. Some of you might have heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s rule that you can master anything if you practice for 10,000 hours. Hell, if you work hard enough, you can do anything- you’ve been told this your whole life, right? Just one question- how do you work hard? Because nobody tells you that, do they? They automatically assume that if you want something, you’ll work hard for it. And you will, I expect you to work real hard- until you reach your breaking point, and like everyone who drops out of the gym within 2 weeks will go “This is bullshit, fuck this” when you don’t get the result you are looking for.

Now the bad news is- everyone has a breaking point. And that’s because we’re human beings, not some fucking terminator which can go on forever. What most people don’t realize is that we only do the hard work because we want to get the result, if we don’t get to kill John Connor, we’d probably quit to be the Governor of California as well.

The good news is we can extend our breaking point with self discipline. Those guys who don’t quit after 2 weeks of working out are the ones that go, “Okay, this is harder than I thought, but I can still do this”. Obviously this becomes harder as you go along (at which point, you should look at other reasons as well) and you’ll need more self discipline at this period.

And I’ll tell you exactly how you can do that.

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”



5 Proven Methods for Gaining Self Discipline


  • Make sure you have the right motivation

Quick, stop reading this article right now and give me 500 squats.

Huh, none of you did what I just said, did you? (Note: to the one guy who did the 500 squats just because I said so, I am promoting you to be my chief minion. Send me a message later and we can talk more about taking over the world)

But the rest of you who didn’t listen to me, consider this scenario. You are just reading this blog post in your room. Suddenly a guy kicks in your bedroom door wearing a ninja mask, a purple T-shirt, hiking boots and no pants; he stinks of cheap vodka and has a butcher knife in one hand and the cutest puppy on earth in the other. And the guy goes- give me 500 squats right now or I’ll cut off the puppy’s legs!

Now if the guy had said, “I’ll kill the puppy”, that’s not a threat, it’s just a drunk guy yelling and he probably won’t do it (because who the fuck would kill a puppy?). But cutting off the puppy’s legs? That’s a cold crazy psychopath right there, and I’m guessing he’ll do it. And I expect most of you’ll probably start doing squats right there. Why? Because you are trying to save a puppy from a psychopath. And for me that’s one of the noblest reasons that anyone can give why they are doing squats.

And that is exactly how you should feel like when you do something. If you are hitting the gym because you thought that it would be a good idea when you were drunk with your friends on New Year’s eve, there is no way in hell that you will go through with that. I got drunk one time and thought that I’d make a great president; do you think Obama is worried about President Brandon? It’s the same thing, if you are to follow through with anything, whether to be a great president or a great artist or getting that perfect body, you should really believe it is as important to you as saving that puppy. No matter what that reason is, if you truly believe that it’s important, then you have a head start in gaining self discipline.

  • Setting medium term goals

Now I’ve already told you about how some people lose it when they don’t get any results in the first few weeks or months and quit. The best way to deal this is to set realistic goals.

Let’s take the example of school- when you were in your kindergarten, most of you didn’t even know your ABC’s. If I went back in time and gave the 4 year old a big ass novel and told you to read, I’d imagine most of you would start crying. But if I did that now, most of you would be able to read it, how did it happen? Well, you learned your letters, then you learned about putting those letters together to form words and then to put those words into sentences. You didn’t learn all of this in a week either; you had to pass every grade and it took you more than 10 years to get your ass out of high school.

If you start training from scratch, you won’t be seeing much gains right away. But all you have to remember is how much farther you have reached now compared to when you started. You can lift heavier weights now, run faster, your endurance is higher and you can probably kick your beginning-of-training version’s ass any day of the week.

  • Understanding willpower

I’ve read this really interesting article on the subject of willpower, did you know that you can run out of willpower by the end of the day? Apparently willpower is kind of like your muscles, you can only use it for so long before you lose it. And when you lose your willpower, it really screws with your brain and decision making process-the part of your brain which handles willpower is in the same area where you make short term decisions.

What that means is that your willpower decreases each time you make a decision, and when you are forced to make too many decisions your willpower drops to zero and your brain goes “Fuck this shit, I’m out”. This is an actual serious problem- prisoners who are appealing for parole has a 65% chance of getting a parole in the morning compared to zero in the afternoon, regardless of their crimes because the parole officers lose their willpower to make the right decision after hearing for so many cases

So if you are overwhelmed by something, think about what time it is and what happened during the day. Was it one of those completely fucked up days where you feel like the universe just hates you and everything bad happened to you? If that’s the case, then good news- your willpower just ran out for the day and the best thing to do is to go to sleep! Sleep helps you to regain your willpower faster and if you really want to make the best decisions, make them in the morning when your brain hasn’t had much to think about.

Or in other words, don’t trust your stupid fucking brain at night because he’s basically drunk at the time, wait till morning.

  • Remove all temptations/distractions

Let me tell you something about Barack Obama- he is the President of the US, he has to deal with thousands of decisions a day about everything from politics to politics (I don’t know much about politics) and still manages to do cardio and weights for 45 minutes a day. Do you know how he does it? Here’s a quote from the guy- “I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing because I have too many other decisions to make.”

And that is how disciplined our President is when he comes to managing his time. There’s also this cool observation about Bill Gates- ever since he founded Microsoft, the guy has been making about $2000 per minute. Now if he accidentally drops a hundred dollar bill, Bill Gates is technically losing money if he takes more than 5 seconds to pick it up.

These are two of the most important people in this country right now, where every decision they make means a lot. They literally can’t afford to waste their time and they do this by eliminating every single distraction from their lives. And as I said, your willpower decreases with every decision you make, so why waste it on some stupid decisions?

So when you are working or working out is better to turn off your phone and the Internet. Most of the time, removing the distractions and temptations is a lot easier than trying to use discipline to not use them.

  • Don’t worry if you fuck up

Picture this scenario- you are 8 months old and one day you suddenly started walking. Your parents are so happy to see their kid walking for the first time and everyone is looking at you. Then suddenly you fall down and you go “This is bullshit, fuck walking.” Does this sound stupid to you?

Because no, you didn’t do that. You fell, cried for a while, tried walking again, got a bit farther and fell again and repeated the same process till you could walk properly. And that is why you are still walking today instead of crawling like a baby.

Why don’t we do this in adult life more often? The baby version of us were geniuses in a way, they didn’t mind screwing up and always picked themselves up and kept moving forward. And soon they grew into the current version of us who is insecure about making mistakes and worried about making a fool out of themselves. And we are way too quick to go “I can’t do this” even before they learned to walk. You have to realize that it’s okay to fall down because that’s how you learn.

In the video below I go into great detail about how I personally go about building discipline and character in my own life. (If you cannot view the video click here)

If discipline is an issue for you I highly recommend you pick up the book “Willpower: rediscovering our greatest strength“.  This book has helped me a lot


IF you are REALLY ready to take your body to the next level, make sure your on a total body routine and diet plan!!! (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.
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122 thoughts on “5 Proven Methods for Gaining Self Discipline

  1. i am trying to quite smoking right now. its been a couple of weeks. and as you said, its been hard. especially going out. you are on point, its all about habits. ” the power of habits” by charles duhigg another good read. really motivating stuff, will check your book out even tho i am not the super athlete. but i like your take on motivation and believe it will help me in my job and in life in general. THANKS

  2. Hey brandon, is it too little to eat 1000 calories per day because i feel like shiet and cant focus. So i end up over eating. Ive lost 20 pounds so far which im happy but i still want to get that 6 pack. Also is cardio really needed for weight loss?

    • That’s a really low caloric load. Congrats on losing 20 pounds though! Diet is way more important than cardio for weight loss. Running a mile only burns 100 cal, but you can eat a banana with more than 100 cal and it. It’s a lot easier to just not eat the fucking calories Then it is to try to burn them with exercise. Having that say, cardio is very important for your heart, your cardiovascular system, and overall health.

      • Thank man! yea i was just going to say that its way easier to eat ur calories then to burn it. I dont like doing cardio. I think diet is most important. are you counting ur calories or do u still use the portion size method?

  3. Hey Brandon, I’m in the Army at AIT. My problem is my midsection. I am trying to really tone up that part while wanting a big chest. What kind of fun routine will work for me? Thanks for any help, hope to get myself in shape similar to you.

    • My current split looks like this
      Day 1: Full body (Legs, chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps)
      Day 2: Abs, calves
      Day 3: Full body (Legs, chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps)
      Day 4: Abs, calves
      Day 5: Full body (Legs, chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps)
      Day 6: Abs, calves
      Day 7: Rest

      I do intermittent fasting year round because I’m more productive in the morning while I fast. I get a lot more work done

      • on your current weekly training,, when you do HIIT? Does heavy workout day or the day of abs? …. And now you’re not doing HIIT cardio … thanks homie

  4. Are these ‘fad’ diets sustainable? Like Keto for example. I’m interested in it because it claims to drop BF% quicker than conventional methods and after using it for 2 weeks I see results (could be water weight that has left me) however am facing constant cravings.
    Going back to the article about self discipline it could be that I’m lacking in it and am building it up by saying no to myself to what I crave but just wondering if it’s the diet itself that’s the problem and not my ability to say no

    • The key Keto diet is good for some people, but it seems to be unsustainable for a lot of people because it’s too strict. You have to try it and see if it works for you that’s the only way you’ll know good luck. Let me know how works for you

  5. yo wadup wadup?? bro, every time i do chest workout i dont feel my chest…instead i feel my shoulders all the shoulders burn whenever i do chest workouts and because of that my shoulders and triceps are becoming better and better but no improvements in my chest.. please give me some advice that what could i be doing wrong? thanks bro.. 🙂 have a great day 🙂

  6. Yo yoing weightloss even following 1600 cal meal i added weights ontop of the hiit stuff..its been almost two months with 14lb loss..up n down like i said but ultimately im i need to add heavier weights? Legs r strong arms r weak..using machines not free weights.. i just feel like it should b more of a significant drop at this point.. i appreciate any advice..trex coming soon..i do notice i feel sumwhat ill after joggin outside n stuff..i just dunno if im missin sumtin..ty in advance

    • Congrats on losing 14 pounds! Whether or not you should live weights depends on your goals. I I kind of think that everybody should be doing some type of resistance training no matter what, but that’s just my humble opinion. If you are looking to speed up your fat loss you might want to try this

  7. How would you recommend that I do HIIT cardio if I cant sprint? I have a problem on both my knees so I havent been able to jog for well over a year.

    Also I developed tendinitis on both of my wrists so I cant do any lifting. What sort of fat burning routine do you recommend? (I am only concerned with fat burning right now since I already have the muscle mass I wanted)

    Thanks bro!

  8. Question 1: I’m a mom of 2 who works out. But I can’t seem to target my breast. I nursed 2 kids, and am looking to strengthen these muscles to add some of the “perk” back. I know I can’t increase them to their normal size, but if I can give them a lift naturally, I will be happy😊. Any suggestions?

  9. Hey brandon , im struggling in school ( highschool i think in america , next year i will be in college/university) , im really lazy and hate studying random bullshit , like i did chemistry and i love cars and IT ( computers ) but all that bull is nothing related to cars and like geography is useless for me. I know in order to get a high paying job and stuff you need good grades but i just want to find another route into getting into collage/university, im into cars alot and would love a job in that category ( automobile ). Do you have any workarounds and do you know any ways to make good easy money because im 18 and my family is like broke now haha

  10. I’m a mother of 2, who works out. I am trying to target my chest/breast area. I nursed both my children and am trying to regain some of the “perk” I had before naturally. I was previously a 34D, and know I will never be that again without surgery (which isn’t an option, due to family health history) but I want to do what I can to give some lift to this area. May be a strange question, but it is a real one as a mom. Do you have any suggestions.

    • I am not going to bullshit you that is not really my area of expertise. I do not think that building muscle will lift your breast, but I am not sure. You might want to talk to a doctor about that

    • When I’m cutting I think it three times a day. When I am not cutting I only take it before workouts for energy. It helps because it helps you burn more calories. But there is no magic pill and he will not do the work for you. The most important thing is to burn more calories than you consume if you’re trying to burn fat. In the easiest way to do that is with diet.

  11. I have a hard time recovering from most workouts. Making it difficult to hit the gym daily. Do you recommend anything for quicker recovery?
    Thanks BBC!!!

  12. Yo BBC!
    I have read a couple of places that overstraining is bullshit and that if you want a body part to really grow fast you have to train it everyday! Like bicep for exemple!
    Whats your thought on that bro?

    • I think it depends on the individual. I don’t like when people generalize and say that one thing is true for all people. I believe we all should be experimenting with different things to see what works for us as individuals

  13. about abs assault , i’ve doing this once a day and it’s gives great results i wonder if i’ll keep doing it evereday or no ?

  14. Hi Brandon,
    I am wondering: how you have small waist in relation to big shoulders and chest. This is much more athletic look and I think it looks better. Is this because you avoid some middle or lower back exercises or is only result of good genetics? Love your abs videos!! Thanks, All the best from Croatia!

    • I naturally have a small frame. If I did not lift weights I’d be a skinny little Hoe LOL. So a lot of my look comes from putting as much muscle as I can on a very small frame. But I also keep my body fat very low. Men have most of our that sales around our stomach areas. So to have a small waste is imperative that you keep your body fat percentage low. Thanks a lot bro

  15. Hi BBC! I’m back here. I’m following you on youtube for a long time. ( I was a subsriber of your old account which had been deleted, as well ) You always give me motivation to continue whatever I’ve started ( study, workout etc). You are my exemplar. I’ve decided to try myself out in american football in my country ( Hungary), but I don’t have the physical fitness yet to find and try to join a team. I need strength, agility and put on muscle mass as well to reach my newest goal. What do you recommend to me, how should I workout? I think the best way to do this is full body workouts. What do you think? I know you have videos of full body workouts ( 3 of them are ripper workouts ), but I need some exercises with weight as well. I think I should do the same split as you (not because I want to copy you, I’m doing the same without knowing you are doing this as well :D) but I don’t really find good exercises to do it. Do you have any older posts or videos about full body workouts at the gym which would work fine for me to accomplish my goals? Hope you will understand what I wanted to ask from you, and sorry if you can’t understand it because of my english skills. You are the best!

    • Was a man. Thanks a lot for your support over the years!!!! That really means a lot to me. I have actually trained some professional American football players. We train we do heavy compound movements benchpress that lives squats roles pull-ups and dips. That’s all. No isolation movements at all. All full body workouts. That’s how probe professional football players train. What you need to do is also work on your conditioning. So after your workouts and maybe even on your rest days, do sprints. That’s it keep your training simple good luck to you keep me updated which are progress 🙂

      • So my workouts should looks like this: bench press, squats, pull-ups, dips and sprints. Nothing else? If I remember well, you have videos for them. Because I want to avoid bad movements. How much sets should I do / workouts? Maybe 5 times to failure / each? Any good advice? 🙂 I’ll keep you updated for sure! Wish the best for you.

  16. How’s it goin’ Brandon?
    I’d like to know more about your work as a fitness model:
    When & how did you get started?
    Can you earn enough to live off of it or is it more like a few bucks extra?
    Any tips for someone who wants to get into that?
    I’d appreciate it very much if you’d answer one or two of these. But anyways thank you so much for everything you do, you’re a great inspiration. Keep it up!

    • Was a bro. I don’t know if I’m the best person to give advice on that. Because I did not “try to become a fitness model”. I was scouted by an agency while I was working for the company. They asked me to do it. I will say this though. You have to be in great shape. It sounds like it just fell into my lap, but I spent years getting my body in a position where I was ready for that opportunity when it arrived. Another thing is all you have to do is go to the open calls of any agency. Go to their website find out what day they have open calls and just show up. If you Have what it takes and they like you then you’ll start. if not you won’t is really kinda simple. All that shit on “top model” and all that other dumb shit is just entertainment. That’s not how it really works

  17. hi Brandon
    I just started gym and in 3rd and 4 week I lost more weight and now I m in 5th week it’s stop decreasing as it was in previous week
    I m doing same cardio also same diet mainly I m taking protein and carb what should I do to loose more weight ???

  18. Hey Brandon, what you think of negatives phase of the reps. I read some information and watch a videos. On some exercice the last rep was 5 sec negative, for what reason ? Is it for muscle mass? If you can say more about that i will appreciate it.

  19. Hi Brandon,

    I was wondering if you every had to deal with shoulder impingement or know somebody who did and what to do or how long to stop working out.

  20. Brandon aka BBC aka muscle mass man hello !

    After learning about your insight about timing my rest between sets I have implemented that into my routine. Following what you said I rest 1 minute 30 seconds between each set and have seen a significant impact in “muscle mass”. My question for you is when doing a super set where should the timing occur. For example: a super set of bench press immediately followed by wide grip pull ups to complete the super set. I know I want to rest 1 min 30 sec but do I start timing when I finish the bench press or the pull ups. The reason I ask is because if I start timing after I complete the pull ups and wait 1 minute 30 second then start the super set again my chest has rested 1 minute 30 seconds plus the duration of the pull ups.

  21. Brandon – love your work…best diet to do a clean bulk please – is this simply more of the usual diet but increasing carbs pre and post training or should just be post training?

  22. Hey BBC,

    I had Bursitis on my knees a few months back and my doctor suggested working out my thighs again, and do you have any quad/hamstring workouts that wont kill my knee?

    thanks a lot man

    • It’s hard for me to know what will hurt your knees. Because your injury specific to you. If I were you I would try a variety of different leg exercises and see which ones are easiest on your knees. You might want to try one leg squats or split squats that way you can work at the lake without using heavyweights.

  23. Hey Brandon, How are you bro , I’ve a question ” I’m training ABS from more than 8 months and i do weighted exercises and i can do L-sit and hold for 30+ sec my abs are strong but it’s not visible i have 13 Body fat percentage and when i touch my abs i don’t find it thick i feel like all my middle section is 1 part not have abs on there :S i hope you can tell me what should i do because i started to think i won’t get abs ever. sorry for my bad English tho 🙂

  24. How do you mix calisthenics skill training and weights?
    I use a six day split but, man, if i train for levers/ muscle ups/ planche i fuck up my weight training performance. What do you think?

    • I trained calisthenics every day. I do handstand push-ups clapping push-ups muscle ups levers and plange training every day. That stuff is basically like gymnastics, and gymnist train every day

  25. Hey Big Brandon, what’s your thoughts on stretch marks? I’ve been getting stretch marks all along my biceps, triceps and front deltoid/ armpit area. They started off small but now are continuously getting larger. I take vitamin tablets everyday for the skin and moisturize them a couple times a day. I can’t find an explanation for them other than genetics or bench press. I weighed the same weight for 3 consecutive weeks and they still grew, so mass gain is out of the question. Could bench pressing with the bar going too low cause these stretch marks??
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Cheers M8.

    • I got stretch marks today seem to go away. I don’t know if yours will go away or not, but Mike seemed to fade away. You can try stuff like cocoa butter I have heard that works but I’m not really sure

  26. Hi Brandon, greetings from Italy! This is the first time I write a comment here, but I have been following you for months, and you keep inspiring me, both in fitness and personal life!

    I have a question about workout routines – yours in particular 😉 You say you mix calisthenics and weight training; I am now mixing calisthenics with powerlifting (basically bench press, squat and deadlift with high loads and low reps sets), and I’m getting good result (I’ve broken many PR in only 2 months!).

    What I lack of is an “aesthetic” and “muscular” physique like yours, maybe you also train in a bodybuilding-like training system (e.g. with more reps per set). You actually are strong (see muscle-ups and clapping handstand pushups), but you still maintain a good muscle mass and flexibility. How do you do that? 😀

    • Thanks man. I mix my calisthenics when my bodybuilding training by doing calisthenics every day. I know not everyone is going to be able to do that and I’m not suggesting they do, but that’s what works for me. As far as aesthetics are concerned, I work with Brett schemes between six and eight. And I also only rests around 60 to 90 seconds between each set. That’s basically bodybuilding parameters. But I do lower rep stuff with calisthenics. Like I do muscle ups, enhance their push-ups, with fairly low reps and I rest as much time as needed between each set for my nervous system to fully recover. That helps build strength. But when you’re resting only 90 seconds and when higher reps, that’s more bodybuilding. I don’t know if that makes sense but I hope that helps. Thanks a lot and good luck

      • Yeah, that’s very useful. I also do calisthenics tough movement (muscle ups, handstand pushups, human flags, etc.) everyday, in order to gradually improve my technique. I’ll try adding sone bodybuinding schedules in my workouts, see what will happen.

        Thank you for your advice, keep going!

  27. How many exercises do you do in this fullbody workout? Also do you change them every once in awhile or keep them the same and increase weight? I’m doing a upper/lower body split for 4 days a week doing 2 exercises for each muscle except legs doing 3. What do you think about this homie?

  28. I know it depends on the person, but what whey protein you think is the best out there that you know gives results along with your diet?

  29. Hey BBC. Big fan of yours from London. A few questions for you:

    1) Do you do any exercises for your neck?
    2) You mentioned a while back that you would be releasing an instrumental album for working out to. Are you still doing this?
    3) Will you bring back the Hangouts Q&A sessions? They were great!
    4) I’m a big fan of your motivational videos (the “stop being a bitch” one was brilliant). Given all the books you’ve read, would you considering releasing your own motivational/success type of book?

    Hope that’s not too many!


  30. Hello brandon,
    Unfortunately i trained improberly during my first year of working out, which led to lower back pain..
    It got better since i found your youtube channel, but the pain is still not gone.
    So, do have any recommondation on exercises that could help me out?
    Ps keep up your calisthenics-videos! Your muscle up training was all it took to learn rhat move. Thanks for that!

  31. do you train your abs after your workout? or on a seperate day? and in terms of adding weight on each execises lets say on bench press or squat is adding 10 pounds safe or should i only add 5 pounds?i always add resistance every 2 weeks. but the problem is in the gym im going to doesnt have a 2.5 plate..sorry for the long question im just maximizing the oppurtunity asking you. thankyou..

  32. Hey BBC!

    I think this might help a lot of us big people out if you can help but. Whats the best way for us big/strong/overweight guys to lean down to look cut/ripped while still keeping the strength/muscle we have. I personally have been lifting heavy as an overweight guy for 5 years and my strength and muscle is pretty decent only because I used being overweight to my advantage to lift heavier and heavier. But im tired of being overweight and I want to lean down and do it right so I just dont become skinny fat. Thanks man!

  33. Hey BBC big fan of your YouTube vids . I watched one and never looked back I stared my diet that is a protein veg and fruit diet where I have 3 meals 3 snacks each meal I eat every 3 hrs so far I’ve lost 23 kg and 7 kg to go my goal too 75kg. I have implemented green tea, Brazil nuts almonds and walnuts as well as hard boil eggs morning and night,4 morning and night played havoc with my guts so I now have 3 .ur ab assault vid some I can’t do due to shoulder injury but I did roman twist iron butterfly and the one where u rise legs and try to touch ur toes.sorry for the long post. Ooh can u tell me exactly what is allowed on cheat day as of late I’ve. Had to do it I was not losing weight a long my journey of u can thanks bro

  34. Hi BBC, just found you on YouTube and love watching your workouts. I’m currently doing the T25 Shaun T workout, what are your thoughts on it? Also I have been doing your 15 minute an workout this week. I seen some people say do it 3 times a week, but if I do it more will it have a negative effect? Thanks Andrew

  35. Whatup whatuuuupppp 😀

    Hey BBC, I hope u r doing great.
    How can I suppress the late night hunger? (Tea doesn’t work as much before, cuz I think my metabolism is really high).

  36. Hi BC!
    So I have a fat percentage on about 14, but I want to have one near 8. I know it’s hard, but I have the dedication. I never eat snacks besides rye bread and I’m trying to cut down on the amount of food I eat. I’m a big guy, so I eat A LOT. You have any good advices to help me? 🙂
    Thanks in advanced.

  37. Hi Brandon 🙂
    why when we are at the gym sometimes we can lift weights without any
    help, and the next session (1 week later) cannot lift the same weight.
    For example what happened with me lately, Last week on flat bench press I lifted 110 KGs (242 lbs) 8 reps and finished the 8 without any help. This week the same weight 110 Kgs (242 lbs) I hardly did 4 reps without help, though all that day I hadn’t much work and was in general not tired and slept and ate well.
    It often happens with me (chest and other body parts)
    Is it something normal or am I doing something wrong ?

    • I think motivation is a big factor as well. Sometimes when I don’t really have motivation to workout (which is real bad), I see the same.

  38. Hey how long roughy should it take for the portin size method to work if trying to losse fat. Also any tips for teenage acne

  39. What do you feel like is a better strategy?

    A- lose enough fat to be 8-10% then progressively try to put on muscle ( is this a slower process?)


    B- once ripped do a common bulk/cut phase. Let’s say 175 ripped, add to 185-190 then cut back and hopefully be at 180 but above 175

    Which one do you believe is more beneficial, if the individual can put on weight easy and take it off easy do to am overall solid diet.

  40. Hey brandon i am in my last year in school i am 16 and im about 5ft8 and 155lbs. I have tried 6 meals a day but i couldnt stay consistent with that because the food used to stink when i took it to school,i really want to get rid if my belly fat,because i can feel abs underneath,what would you say is best for me to loose that fat (i dont eat carbs till after resistance training) what should i do and how many times a week and what should i eat? Please help me man your my last option and ive never been happy in my life because when i look in the miror all i see is fat and i really want it gone i just want your guidance. I hope you see this. Thanks brother.

  41. Yo brandon, I have no question but just want to thank you for all the inspiration you provide us with. Your’e fukin awesome bro!

  42. Should you take creatine while cutting or wait till after you cut to take creatine? My overall goal is to lose fat and get lean and just have my muscles defined.

  43. Hi Brandon shout out from New Zealand, i changed my lifestyle about a year ago to training and nutrition and I self teach myself and I would like to educate myself on the subject a lot more just wondering were would be a good place to start.

  44. Shoutout from New Zealand. I recently started training and nutrition about a year ago and I would like to educate myself a lot more on the whole subject, I was wonder where you think a good place to start would be?

  45. Bandon I have allergies from stuff like ketchup marinade or any other kidda sauce can u tell me what else can i use to make my food taste good. Thanks

  46. Hey Brandon, what’s your opinion about to have a cheat day every 3 to 4 days ? If my carbs are very low on clean eating days.

  47. Hi Brandon, really inspired by your videos and I even bought your book, I am 34 yr old, male, from India and have been doing body building for 7 years with on and off break but regular for last 2-3 years, progress ..honestly don’t know as my tummy is little out..24% body fat,16 inch bicep..42 inch chest, I get lost because there are no good trainers and honestly working out alone with little and very slow progress is tough at times, started IF after read it from your book,,and decent resulta in 9 days…2 lb weight loss but more handles waning…My question :Can you plssss take out time, analyse my pics, suggests a training..and possibly if I can talk to you…thanks,…a great fan of yours…Utpal from India

  48. Hey BBC thanks for all of your videos they are amazing! I’ve got one question how can I make my belly look flat notice im on a low body fat percentage 8% with abs showing even at a relaxed state but my belly still blowing in the side…Thanks in advance

  49. Hey Big Brandon Carter … How do I get a thicker lower abs V-line… with only a pull up bar and the floor…I already have one but its not really protuding… any advice, workout or tips would be usefull… Pls help

  50. Hey Big Brandon Carter… I got lower v line abs but it is not really protruding and getting thicker…what excercises can I do to make it thicker…and how often should I work this muscle

  51. Great read Brandon!! I just happened to stumble across a YouTube video of yours yesterday when I was watching random Flap Jacked protein pancake reviews and now I am hooked on reading your blog posts and watching your videos. Tons and tons of great information. Thank you!!!

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