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How Much Time Should You Rest Between Sets?



 Go to any gym in America and you’ll see too many people wasting time between sets. Resting too long between sets is one of the main reasons people don’t accomplish there fitness goals. Guys will say “I was in the gym for 2 hours….!”. Really???  It doesn’t take anyone 2 hours to get a good workout in. I find it hard to believe that anybody who is not a professional athlete even wants to work out that long. Personally, I’ve got too much to do to spend that much time working out!!!  My average workout takes 30-45 mins a day. My 30 minute workout is more effective than someone else’s 2 hour workout because I rest only 30 seconds between each set!!!

Taking shorter rests between sets is not only more time efficient, but it also works out your muscles much harder!!!! You will see results very quickly if you commit to resting for only 30 or 60 seconds between each set!!!

If you ever see someone who is not timing their rests in between sets, accept it as clear & irrefutable evidence that they don’t have any idea what the hell they are doing! Timing your rest is wildly important. ALWAYS have a watch, stop watch, or cell phone to time your sets.

One of the best things about working out from home is that you can control the environment and eliminate all distractions. I like to wake up at 5 am and workout right away. At that time my girl is still sleep, nobody is calling, texting, or emailing me, and I get the workout out of the way, so I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day.

If you’re not able to workout first thing in the morning and you have to workout at night,  you can still do a few things to eliminate distractions:

– Put your cell phone on airplane mode so you are not distracted by texts, calls, emails, facebook, twitter, etc.
– Turn off the TV and Computer
– Don’t answer your home phone… (you still have a home phone? Is this 1996?)
– Listen to your ipod with head phones so you can’t be distracted by other noises
Here is a video of me doing an ab workout. People on Youtube left a bunch of coments about how I should “stop texting during my workout” but thats not what I was doing…. I WAS TIMING MY REST BETWEEN SETS!!!! you should be doing the same

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.

40 thoughts on “How Much Time Should You Rest Between Sets?

  1. yo brandon,

    Great post
    I’ve been resting 30 seconds between sets for a while now and it has really helped me.

    Now I’m thinking of buying your full workoutplan, will it help me get a body just like yours?

    • Thanks Hega! I am glad the you have been finding the info usefull! the workout plan is the same one i use myself! I’m confident it will help you accomplish your goals. keep me posted on your progress!

  2. Yeah I did an experiment on this where i did with a longer rest or shorter rests between sets and i find it wont help build up muscle just tired! Your right, taking 30 to 60 seconds rest is the best results you will get from your workout! Thanks for the tip Brandon!

  3. Hey Brandon, nice man, you’re damn true about timing those sets and having each workout in short 30-45 min sessions, I’ve been doing that for about 2 years and have seen awesome results, not to mention the time i save. I look at all these bro’s in the gym taking 5 minute breaks, oh man 🙂 lol – Keep it up man!

  4. Brandon, I have been doing the HIIT cardio on the treadmille, however, my gym does not have treadmilles where i can program the Intervals in so i have to manually change the speed every 30s. This gets really annoying. Is it okay to keep the treadmille going top speed, run 30s, then rest on the side for 30s, (or 15 even)?

    • good question Tim, When I used to do cardio in a treadmill, I would just manually turn it up as fast as it would go, then turn it down half way. Its a pain in the ass, your way might be easyer, but be carfull getting on and off a treadmile at high speeds.

      better yet, its WAY safer to NOT do HIIT on a Treadmill. I do it outside now, or in my apt building’s stair case. if you must do HIIT in the gym, try a stationary bike

      • Why is it not safe to do HIIT on the treadmill? I always do HIIT about 10-15 mins on the treadmill after my weight training. Is there any reasons why?

  5. Hi, Brandon!
    I’ve been watching your channel for the year and I found your vids very inspiring, and what I noticed for my workouts more than everything else is resistance bands. Now I use ones that I found in my gym as a warm up exercises.
    Since that, I and my friend have ordered 2 heavy packs of Ripcords from Astonefitness. As we are from Saint-P, Russia, We’ve been waiting for them for ages, but yesterday we finally got them. We were pretty surprised by the quality of band, they are a lot better than ones in my gym. But nothing is good, and with excellent bands we received shity DVD with the circuit 7 CORE, not for resistance bands. So we have a little request for you. It will be awesome, if you make workout videos for all body parts just for resistance bands. Cause we found exactly your workout videos mostly clear.

    Thanks for reading, Brandon)

    • hahaha that free DVD that comes with rip cords SUCKS!!! lol but Astonefiness makes GREAT PRODUCTS for home workouts! I love Ripcords… but the DVD is some st8 up trash lol.

      I give A LOT of moves that you can do with ripcords in my program

  6. Hey Brandon,
    Do you eat anything before you workout, when you wake up at 5 am?
    Some says it is wrong to workout in empty stomach and some says it is not. here i’m really confused :S
    anyways dude ur awesome !!

    • Performance Training fasted all depends on your nutrition the night before. As far as fat burning while on empty there is little to no difference in fat loss according to the latest studies. Phd layne norton hit this subject pretty hard in one of his articles. Everyone is different try what works best for you.

  7. Hey what’s up , first of all I just wanna say thanks for getting my life back on track . I know you probably hear that a lot , but your truly an inspiration . I been folwing your instructions for a bit n lost 15 pounds n building muscle n looking better, feeling better Abt my self . I dont know why your not all over television pushing traing videos or running a fitness reality show and making millions haha. Thanks

    • Thank you SO MUCH for that!!! Congrats on you progress!!! if you lost 15 “Pounds” and gained muscle, that means YOU HAVE LOST MORE THAN 15 POUNDS OF FAT because gained a few pounds of muscle!!! I am proud a happy for you!!! I dont need to be on TV making millions as long as I can help more people get results like you! thanks again!!!

  8. Hey i started timing my sets and now my workouts are a lot harder but i cant lift as mcuh weight as i used to, so is it still effective to go with lighter weights and time the sets?

    • Good Question Nazmul!!! you will NOT be able to lift as much, but its not a bout how much you lift, its about how hard you work the muscle!!!!! You work your muscles WAY harder by keeping rest time short. Thanks for the comment Nazmul!

  9. hi what do you recommend to eat for a 150 pounds and 74 inch man. im doing upper body workout + cardio on monday,wednesday and friday. And i do ab workout + cardio on tuesday,thursday and satruday. sunday is my cheat day ? and how fast do you think i can gain muscle mass with so much weight and height with this workout ?

  10. Hey Brandon,

    That waking up at 5am is a good idea, but do you eat anything before or just go at it and eat breakfast after? I find that my muscles are not so efficient in the morning (that is, not able to push really hard for long)…

  11. yo what’s up brandon

    i workout at home but if i need to change my weights it takes longer then 30 sec,, but if i rest 30 sec between sets with the same muscle group and then rest longer when i’m going to train another muscle group is that still good or not ?

  12. Alright brandon my names levi im from England but i stumbled on your videos a while back through youtube and ive been following your workouts and your set rest times the past couple of weeks and notice a massive change in my self physically and mentally its awesome what you do including your music side of things aswell just thought id give you some feedback as your videos , music and mindset has brought me out of the whole i found myself in just a couple of weeks ago , thanks alot mate.

  13. yo Brandon sup! hey im a teen who is considering taking fat burners but would like to get some advice from a pro. any ideas?
    thanks man!

    • Becarful, I use to take that stuff before Basketball and Football game when I was in High school, but It made my blood presser high!!! I take “Tea Rexx” now. it dose not have that effect on my blood presser, but it still helps me stay ripped

  14. hey man i am confused with abs routines, you have do a second part of the 15 min abs or what

    help me i am confused i dint know what i have to do with the abs because i have trained with 15 min abs a whole month and i don’t know if a have to change it, to train with a different one and have better results…

  15. hey brandon answer my question please men:

    hey man i am confused with abs routines, you have do a second part of the 15 min abs or what
    help me i am confused i dint know what i have to do with the abs because i have trained with 15 min abs a whole month and i don’t know if a have to change it, to train with a different one and have better results…

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